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Tue Nov 27 19:44:32 GMT 2012


 > How does this compare to other countries?

The "Vienna Convention on road signs" is always a good basis for such 
discussions. It harmonizes the meaning of traffic signs in almost 100 
countries of the world.

Consolidated version of the convention:

UK has signed this convention, but never ratified it.
Until today I haven't found major deviations from the convention in Europe.

> Section 5.15 (page 35 describes the sign with the image of a HGV and a
> weight restriction number. It clearly states that this is a restriction
> for "environmental reasons" (e.g. where roads are narrow and unsuitable
> for large vehicles, or to protect residents from the nuisance caused by
> lorries in residential streets) and is not used for "structural limits".
> It appears that this is a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) from the
> sentence stating that the limit applies even if unladen and below the
> weight.

The meaning is in accordance with the Vienna Convention. In Austria and 
Germany the sign has the same meaning, even though we use variants 
allowed by the convention: Austria places the gross weight below the 
silhouette of the HGV (but still in the sign), Germany uses additional 
panels below the sign containing just the goods vehicle silhouette.

The convention defines the weight value as "permissible maximum mass", 
which is based on the vehicle's registration.

In Austria the sign is also often used for "environmental reasons", but 
we do not write it into our law. The important thing is the meaning for 
the drivers, and this is independent of the reason.

BTW: This sign (without additional panels modifying the meaning) does 
not apply to buses or agricultural vehicles -- only to goods vehicles.

> Section 5.31 to 5.33 gives the other sign (the one with a weight limit
> that applies to all vehicles). Again this is a maximum weight rating:
> "Specifying gross vehicle weights makes enforcement simpler as it is
> necessary only to check the vehicle’s plated weight against that on the
> sign, eliminating the need for a vehicle to be taken to a weighbridge
> for checking."

The UK sign deviates from the sign [C,7] in the convention by the 
letters "mgw" ("mgw" is not defined/allowed in the convention).

The convention sign without "mgw" and just the weight figure (e.g. 7.5t) 
"laden mass" is defined as the actual weight (drivers, passengers, load 
and vehicle itself) and NOT as gross weight of any kind.

I assume most countries follow the convention (Austria and Germany do), 
thus the current definition of "maxweight" makes sense for many countries.

If UK has tagged the "mgw" sign with maxweight, then this is IMO not in 
accordance with the wiki definition.


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