[Tagging] Proposed feature - age groups in schools / ISCED update

Andreas Labres list at lab.at
Thu Nov 29 05:42:01 GMT 2012

Tagging ISCED [0] doesn't help for Austria, too. Also, AHS typically include
both level 2 and 3.
Tagging school types can probably only be solved on a national level (and
probably doesn't make any sense, globally).

So tagging minimum ages would make the most sense to me.

ISCED 1 = 6-10   (Grundstufe, Grunschule, Volksschule, Primarschule)
ISCED 2 = 10-14 (Sekundarstufe I, Unterstufe)
ISCED 3 = 14-18 (Sekundarstufe II, Oberstufe, Berufsfachschulen)
ISCED 4+ = 18+ (Postsekundär, Tertiärbereich, University, FH, Akademie,...)
(is almost the same for at least Germany and Austria)

Austria: AHS is 10-18, Haupt/Mittelschule typically 10-15, BHS, HTL, HAK,... 15-18

BTW, there are many cases where more than one type of school reside in the same
building/campus, eg. Volks- + Haupt/Mittelschule (6-15).

BTW, there should be a tag to differenciate the official school system from,
say, driving/diving/dancing/whatever schools. The existence of an ISCED tag
would give that. BTW, if ISCED, only ISCED2011 should be considered.


[0] http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISCED (shows the Austrian School System)

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