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Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 22:41:31 GMT 2012

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A mapper who is new to my area is interested in mapping disabled access at
a micro level. Specifically he would like to achieve door-to-door mapping
for key shops and amenities, and has made a good start by adding entrance
doors to several buildings.

My Question:

Where should amenity=* and addr:*=* be tagged? One suggestion was to add
all the detail to the entrance node, but this seems odd to me. For single
occupancy buildings I suggested tagging the building as amenity=*, etc as
the entrance node on the building can be easily matched with these.

But what about a building with multiple occupants and entrances. For
example 2 shops in one building. One option is to tag the building with
building=yes and then add the amenity tags to individual nodes, but then
how would door to door routing work? An alternative is to just split the
building in to 2 areas (but technically its 1 building). Can we use some
form of indoor mapping (e.g. room=yes, amenity=*)?

Is there a better solution? All ideas welcome.

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