[Tagging] Seasonnal roads

Eric SIBERT courrier at eric.sibert.fr
Sat Oct 6 12:14:41 BST 2012


I'm looking how to tag a road with seasonal opening or closing. Typical, 
mountain pass are closed in winter due to snow. Usual opening and 
closing dates are published (like open from week 24 to 41). In opposite, 
some roads on ice are only opened in winter. In Africa, some unpaved 
roads are usually closed during rainy season. Up to now, I was using 
"opening_hours=*" with "Nov-Apr off". But I was looking for something 
more generic that can indicate the random aspect.

I saw the proposal seasonal=* :

Use in Europe : yes (497), no (19), winter (12), summer (9), * (2), 
Spring, Summer, Fall (1), Yes (1)

Use in Africa : year_round (171), yes (75), wet_season (32), 
cannot_determine (27), another_pattern (16), dry_season (7), na_dn (1), 
dry_weather (1)

seasonal=* does not indicate typical opening period.

Any suggestion?


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