[Tagging] Naming boundary ways - the — separation character

sly (sylvain letuffe) liste at letuffe.org
Wed Oct 10 20:01:23 BST 2012

> > Q1e2 : However I don't like using some strange caracters my keyboard 
> > does'nt have like —
> Strange you mention that.  (...)  Then I noticed that 
> municipality names I wrote were being changed without discussing them 
> and without warning. It turned out that those changes were made by a 
> Frenchman who was also forcing that character upon us (1). 

It wasn't that strange that I mentionned that (it was a test to see if I was 
the only one disagreeing with him)
Yes, I know him too well, and we had an argument on that point (and on many 
others, but I won't publicly extend on it or I'll probably end using not nice 
words) on which he replied that I was the only one arguing against and that 
every one was happy with a — instead of more common characters like / - or 
I now know he was/is a liar. 
That particular issue is so small that I won't start a war to change — in 
whatever, but you have all my support if you wish to do so.
Someone has to tell him that he cannot just change that on a global scale 
without consensus.
(Since I also don't care about names on boundary, I won't change things, but 
he is kind of pissing me off... once more)

ps:I suggest you should split your answers by topics because it's quitte hard 
to read what part repliers are interested in

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