[Tagging] Reconstructing «Dificult passability» proposal to «Obstacle»

Eric Sibert courrier at eric.sibert.fr
Fri Oct 12 12:47:59 BST 2012


During my last travel in Africa, I was thinking on how to map  
obstacles on road. So I support your proposal but in a generalized  
way, not only for pedestrian or bicycle. And I take the opportunity to  
review what I observed:
- a narrow bridge i.e. you can't cross a vehicle in opposite  
direction. We may use width=* but it is difficult to get it precisely.  
- a bridge or a raft with a bad link to the road/track i.e. a step at  
each end of the bridge/raft. obstacle=unevenness ? or obstacle=step?  
For me unevenness is to soft for what you describe.
- a hole in the road.
   * A small hole you can drive other at full speed but that may  
surprise you when driving during night.
   * A medium hole where you have to use the other side of the road at  
full speed if nobody is arriving in front
   * A big hole where you have to slow down and drive inside.
(For full uneven sections, I use smoothness=*).
- a road on a dam or a bridge have been damaged : a bailey bridge  
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bailey_bridge) have been temporary (for  
ten years ;-) ) added on it.

I would no use obstacle for thinks that are deliberate and/or in their  
initial state.

For river and water. If there is water year around (or large fraction  
of the year) : ford=yes. Only flooded few days a year (after heavy  
rain), flood_prone=yes. Use surface=* to indicate whenever you are  
just driving in the river or if there is some raft build. Seasonal?  
Use seasonal=yes in conjunction with access:conditional=* to indicate  
approximative closing period (discussed recently on this mailing list.  
I will update the wiki according soon...).

Same with traffic_calming, check points...

HOT is also dealing with obstacle :



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