[Tagging] Narrow Bridge (was: Reconstructing «Dificult passability» proposal to «Obstacle»)

Eric SIBERT courrier at eric.sibert.fr
Fri Oct 12 19:49:23 BST 2012

>     - a narrow bridge i.e. you can't cross a vehicle in opposite
>     direction. We may use width=* but it is difficult to get it
>     precisely. obstacle=narrowness
> It's slightly offtopic, but wouldn't it be logical to use "car" as a non
> accurate unit of length? So you can have a tag like "width=1car" or
> "width=1.5car".

I like it :-)

In Europe, I found :
"1 car" used 2 times
"wide enough for a car" used 1 time

Not wildly used.

Indeed, as pointed out by Martin, I have to use lanes=1. I had a 
misunderstanding with the lanes=* key. I thought lanes=* indicated the 
number of lanes in each direction, not the total number in both 
directions. The French wiki lanes=* page need a strong update, compared 
to the English one (todo list...).

So, I will go on with lanes=1.


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