[Tagging] Narrow Bridge (was: Reconstructing «Dificult passability» proposal to «Obstacle»)

Stephen Hope slhope at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 01:32:13 BST 2012


The English version did say that at one point, as well, before it was
changed back to the current definition.  Maybe the French one was copied
from it during that period.


On 13 October 2012 04:49, Eric SIBERT <courrier at eric.sibert.fr> wrote:

>> Indeed, as pointed out by Martin, I have to use lanes=1. I had a
> misunderstanding with the lanes=* key. I thought lanes=* indicated the
> number of lanes in each direction, not the total number in both directions.
> The French wiki lanes=* page need a strong update, compared to the English
> one (todo list...).
> So, I will go on with lanes=1.
> Éric
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