[Tagging] Narrow Bridge (was: Reconstructing «Dificult passability» proposal to «Obstacle»)

Janko Mihelić janjko at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 13:48:39 BST 2012

Well, "car" as a unit of road width can be used with the "lanes" tag. If it
catches on it can be put as a proposal.

I don't like the "lanes" tag where there are no lines on the street, it
misses the point.


2012/10/13 Stephen Hope <slhope at gmail.com>

> Eric,
> The English version did say that at one point, as well, before it was
> changed back to the current definition.  Maybe the French one was copied
> from it during that period.
> Stephen
> On 13 October 2012 04:49, Eric SIBERT <courrier at eric.sibert.fr> wrote:
>>> Indeed, as pointed out by Martin, I have to use lanes=1. I had a
>> misunderstanding with the lanes=* key. I thought lanes=* indicated the
>> number of lanes in each direction, not the total number in both directions.
>> The French wiki lanes=* page need a strong update, compared to the English
>> one (todo list...).
>> So, I will go on with lanes=1.
>> Éric
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