[Tagging] How to tag railroad named control points?

David ``Smith'' vidthekid at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 12:53:50 GMT 2012

My employer is a contractor for a few railroads, and through that
experience I have gained personal knowlege of several named "control
points" for one railroad in particular.  A control point typically consists
of signals facing both ways, switch tracks to transfer between multiple
mainline tracks if applicable, and often signs displaying the name of the
control point.  While the extents of a control point are not sharply
defined (as far as I know) they can be roughly described as a few hundred
feet long and as wide as the railroad right-of-way in most cases.

How should such a feature appear in OSM?  A single node? An area-way around
the associated physical features? A relation with several nodes as
members?  And what tags are appropriate?  Does this count as a new feature
I should propose?
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