[Tagging] Emergency lane used by PSV at rush time

martinq osm-martinq at fantasymail.de
Sun Oct 14 19:22:30 GMT 2012


>> You could combine "Conditional restrictions" and the lanes suffix¹:
>> psv:conditional:lanes =     |     | yes @ rush_time
> There are a couple of issues here
> 1. I did not include 'lanes' when I created the "Conditional
> Restrictions" scheme (mostly not to complicate the discussion and voting
> process of the proposal). It could be done as suggested by you. However,
> I would prefer to write the key as psv:lanes:conditional in order to be
> consistent with other uses of conditional where the unconditional and
> the conditional tags can be distinguished just by the :conditional
> suffix. I may add this to the wiki page.

Disagree. Both variant express a different meaning:

<key>:lanes:conditional expresses that all lane values depend on a 
maxspeed:lanes = 100|80
maxspeed:lanes:conditional = 80|60 @ So

<key>:conditional:lanes expresses that the conditional restriction 
values depend on the lane:

maxspeed:lanes = 100|80
maxspeed:conditional:lanes = 80 @ So |

For practical tagging I think it is too theoretical for most mappers to 
understand the difference.

For mappers and parsers it might be easier to request using  parenthesis 
around conditional restrictions/values containing special characters:

maxspeed:lanes:conditional = maxspeed:conditional:lanes = (80|60) @ So
- or, 2nd example above -
maxspeed:lanes:conditional = maxspeed:conditional:lanes = 80 @ So |

The values are unambiguous (giving '|' technically a higher precedence) 
and the order of suffixes no longer matters. Then we can propose a 
preferred order.

This way we also solve the issue with multiple values separated by ';':
access:conditional = (delivery;forestry) @ So


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