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"Eckhart Wörner" <ewoerner at kde.org> wrote:

> Hi Svavar,
> Am Montag, 15. Oktober 2012, 18:26:02 schrieb Svavar Kjarrval:
> > I think most laws require that even emergency vehicles observe
> > restrictions like oneway streets. If there are any restrictions
> which
> > can be broken in case of emergency vehicles, I think they'd program
> > their routing software to them.
> at least in Germany, emergency vehicles can ignore all rules of the
> roads if necessary (they are not allowed to endanger other traffic
> though).
> Eckhart

The emergency vehicles in the USA are also allowed to disobey traffic laws in an emergency.  They have to have the flashing lights and siren on, and take precautions to watch out for regular traffic.  For example, a police car, fire truck, or ambulance on an emergency call can go through an intersection even if the traffic signals have ordinary traffic stopped, but they slow down enough to check for any ordinary traffic approaching the intersection on the cross-street, since some drivers may have not figured out which direction the siren sound is coming from.

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