[Tagging] Standard for external links to location based services

Tobias Knerr osm at tobias-knerr.de
Thu Oct 18 16:32:06 BST 2012

On 18.10.2012 16:54, Simone Saviolo wrote:
> However there is still the opening hours.
> How would you use it on a map? Would you make a dynamic map in which
> only amenities that are open *now* are drawn?

One possible implementation for opening hours is to change icon color
based on whether the amenity is open right now. OsmAnd does this afaik.
Openlinkmap does something similar, by including a colored text such as
"currently open" in the popup for a facility.

These two examples are interesting because they do something with
opening hours beyond merely displaying the value.

There is also a map that specifically highlights open amenities, but it
appears to be a proof of concept (only available for Germany):


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