[Tagging] Exclusive access rights

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Mon Oct 29 12:39:19 GMT 2012

Hi Martin.
Nobody said you did. What has been said is that if you want to have some 
kind of "exclusice access" tag that in fact is a change to how the 
access tagging currently works.
Access tagging currently is:
-use access=yes|no to set a "default"
-add more details by adding access tags for any other modes of 
transportation etc.

So it's quite easy to tag an exclusive access for e.g. psv: access=no, 
psv=yes, and the default for access is common to be yes usually.

What you propose is in fact a change of this in the data consumers view.
You propose to have instead the possibility to tag exclusive_access=psv 
or something like that.

With that data consumers have to know your exclusive tag on top of the 
others, as now exclusive_access=psv would be a more or less short for 
access=no, psv=yes.
Data consumers who don't know or implement this will fail here, because 
they will use access=yes as their default fallback as usual, and don't 
know about exclusive_access=*, so they interpret it as generally 
accessibly by all.
To fix that, in fact data consumers would have to change their default 
to access=no, and that's where you don't change an existing tag, but 
change how a set of tags together has to be interpreted to be usual - 
while on the other hand it's only one tag more to do it in a more data 
user friendly way.


Am 29.10.2012 12:40, schrieb Martin Vonwald:
> People - really! Where did I propose to change any tags at all? I
> asked a question!
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