[Tagging] Exclusive access rights

Tobias Knerr osm at tobias-knerr.de
Mon Oct 29 13:27:49 GMT 2012

On 29.10.2012 12:51, Martin Vonwald wrote:
> Masi, thank you for understanding my question.
> 2012/10/29 Masi Master <masi-master at gmx.de>:
>> Hi!
>> what about this:
>> access:lanes=vehicle|vehicle|psv;hgv
> That is exactly what I'm not sure of. Is access=psv valid? I don't
> think it is documented in the wiki in this way. And if it is valid,
> does it really mean "PSV and nothing else"?

It is currently not valid - vehicle types can only appear in the key,
whereas "groups of users" (forestry, customers, delivery, ...) can only
appear in the value. For the "groups of users", it actually gives
exclusive access rights to that group.

I can imagine changing this if we find a nice definition. Of course
applications would not be compatible with that at first, but mappers
could simply refrain from using it excessively and limit the use to
lanes and similar cases where compatibility doesn't matter as much.


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