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Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
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On Wed, 2012-10-31 at 18:56 +0100, Johan C wrote:

> I don't think I understand both responses (Georg/Martin). Why should a
> hgv and a psv use 'a kind of' motor_vehicle? According to the map
> features motor_vehicle is used for: 'Access permission for motor cars
> and motorcycles.' 
> A bus or a truck is not one of these two types.  If I put
> 'motor_vehicle=no' on any highway, then psv and hgv are still allowed
> to drive on that highway.  Am I misreading the map features?

In terms of road signs, the stunt motorcycle sign ( no motor vehicles )
includes buses and hgvs. That is the way I would certainly see it and
the wiki seems to agree.


If buses are allowed, then there will be a plate below saying "except

It is rare to prohibit hgvs as such, the way this is achieved is by
weight or length. The most common is to prohibit vehicles over 7.5t, the
historic breakpoint between a vehicle that could be driven on a car
license and one requiring a hgv licence. At some point that weight was
reduced, not sure what to or when. I can still drive a 7.5t truck due to
when I passed my test.


> 2012/10/31 Martin Vonwald <imagic.osm at gmail.com>
>         2012/10/31 OSM <osm at bavarianmallet.de>:
>         > I am sorry to disagree, but if hgv and psv use a kind of
>         motor_vehicle, they
>         > are still not allowed on the rightmost lane then ...
>         according to the
>         > tagging.
>         >
>         > Georg
>         I have to agree with Georg... of course unless the lanes are
>         exclusively for horse-drawn cabs or carriages ;-)
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