[Tagging] Clarify tag access doc

Pieren pieren3 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 13:17:30 BST 2012


I'm currently trying to refresh a wiki translation of the Access key page:

But this page is raising some questions (for myself then imagine for newcomers):

- "customer" is documented as "disputed" in the "Values" table and
similar do "destination". And when you read the definition of
"destination", it says "e.g. customer parking lots". Very confusing.
I think too that a signle value is enough as already mentionned there.
If we keep "customer", we need another one for "employee" (vs
"custormer" parkings/entrances). Or I may suggest a subtag like
"access=destination" + "destination=customer/employee".

- "designated" vs "official". If I understand the wiki, the first is
"not compulsory and often marked by a traffic signal" where the second
is "complusory and always marked by a traffic signal". Is that correct
? But what about the other forms of transport. I mean, with
"access=yes" or "access=no", it is clear about what it implies for the
unspecified other modes of tranport. But the "access=official" wiki
says that "official" does not mean that other transport modes are
compulsory or not. Confusing again. So, for instance, as a router for
cars, how should I handle a road tagged with "access=official" (or
"designated") + "bicycle=yes" ? "car=yes" or "car=no" ? The wiki says
it is specified by local laws. Should we document it in
? It would be interesting to see if and how OSRM use these values (in
other words, if it is actually possible).

- "no" says that we should consider using another tag indicating who
can use the element. But that can be more than one tag. And, in the
opposite, the tag "yes" does not say that other tags could be added to
"exclude" specific modes of transportation (perhaps it is too obvious

- is "permissive" a legal status, as the introduction says that values
are all about "legal access" ?

- "unknown" means "no information".  Very helpful. Can we remove this
value since we have "note=" or "fixme=" for this ? Or add it
everywhere else (landuse, building, barrier, oneway, surface, etc) ?


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