[Tagging] Clarify tag access doc

Tobias Knerr osm at tobias-knerr.de
Tue Sep 11 13:37:03 BST 2012

On 11.09.2012 14:17, Pieren wrote:
> - "customer" is documented as "disputed" in the "Values" table and
> similar do "destination". And when you read the definition of
> "destination", it says "e.g. customer parking lots". Very confusing.
> I think too that a signle value is enough as already mentionned there.
> If we keep "customer", we need another one for "employee" (vs
> "custormer" parkings/entrances). Or I may suggest a subtag like
> "access=destination" + "destination=customer/employee".

Subtagging doesn't really work with access - there may be different tags
using the destination value on the same object, and they might then need
different destination subtags.

What's wrong with *=customer anyway? The signs for "destination" and
"customer" are different in reality. If an application wants to treat
them the same, it can easily do so even if we use different values.

The only thing that makes this particular aspect of the page confusing
is the opposition to treating "customer" as an accepted value. If we
could get rid of the "disputed" claim and the related "e.g. customer
parking lots" for destination, it would be completely clear how to tag
this situation.


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