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I also think that "amenity=animal_shelter" with other tags to indicate kinds of animals goes in the sense of OSM tagging. Things like "animal=shelter" are nonsense: a shelter is not an animal, whereas an animal_shelter is an amenity.

To set a general rule of thumb, for those tags that are not boolean properties (yes/no), the value ("animal_shelter") shall be an item from the set represented by the key ("amenity").

To remove ambiguities related to short tags like "horse=yes", why not using another set of specific tags indicating whether a kind of animal is accepted in the shelter, like "animal_shelter:dog=yes", "animal_shelter:cat=yes", "animal_shelter:horse=yes" and so on, maybe refining the attribute "yes" by something more useful?


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Ok, because according to English native speakers there isn't a single word
that indicates "a facility where animals are kept and the staff feeds them
and cares of them", I propose to change from "amenity=kennel" to
In Italy there are centers for dogs only, cats  only, dogs and cats, wild
animals in general, wild sea animals only, wild birds only and so on. Any
combination is potentially allowed, so adding a tag "dog=yes", "cat=yes",
"wild_animals=yes", "wild_birds=yes" and so on is useful.

"pet_keeping" is not used according to taginfo and it is too restrictive:
there are facilities that don't held pets but wild animals.

"building=asylum" is not intuitive and it's not used according to taginfo.
Moreover the key "building" is too restrictive for a center that can include
buildings, meadows, courtyards.

"Amenity=animal_boarding" is too restrictive: there are kennels that take
stray dogs, catteries for stray cats, rescue centers for wounded wild

On the other hand "amenity=animal_shelter" is intuitive and already in use
according to taginfo. Also "animal=shelter" is already in use: in the wiki
animal page it's suggested to use it, but on what basis? There isn't any
proposal page and it hasn't been voted.
Ultimately I think we have to unify "amenity=animal_shelter" and
"animal=shelter" in one tag, refine and officialize it. I think that with a
feature page and with a preset in editors, one of these could become an
universally used tag.
Then we can refine it and add one or more additional tags for the purpose of
the facility.
I prefer "amenity=animal_shelter" to "animal=shelter" because according to
wiki "amenities are an assortment of community facilities" and an animal
shelter is one of them.
On the other hand the key "animal" is not defined on the wiki and according
to taginfo it's often used to indicate a species of animal or simply
We have already "amenity=veterinary" and not "animal=veterinary", so why not

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