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It looks like it's just inside the village (commune?) boundary. Maybe they
mean the whole village?

On Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 2:55 PM, André Pirard <A_Pirard at hotmail.com> wrote:

> **
> Hi,
> Summary: setting access restrictions on ways sometimes (often?)
> inappropriate
> Full story and conclusions: ...
> At 50.5308 5.5959<http://www.openstreetmap.org/?mlat=50.5309716&mlon=5.5954177&zoom=19>,
> there's a C23 road sign (below) towards NW town Esneux.
> As understood with common sense, they don't want heavy vehicles inside
> Esneux and cartographers will use<http://www.ign.be/Common/leg10/10000FR.htm>a distinctive rendering (road
> with traffic restriction<http://www.ign.be/Common/leg10/images/leg1n_10.gif>)
>   over the restricted ways<http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:maxweight>
> .
> Which means I have to look for other corresponding road signs to determine
> the span.
> I found none, starting with none on the next left Rue de la Cissure (rdlC).
> I asked Esneux' administration in vain.
> That means that a heavy lorry can come through Esneux, drive through rdlC
> up to the village Fontin and then U turn and go all the way back as if it
> had passed the C23 sign.  How can cops book anyone unless they come and sit
> near the sign? ;-)
> So, I defined the weight restriction from the sign up to rdlC, over 50m.
> That's incorrect because it's not one-way but it's the best I could do to
> reconcile OSM and ADM.
> Sounds kinda stupid but I plead not guilty.
> But now what does that highway code tell us about C23 after all?
> "accès interdit" = "forbidden access": to where?  To behind the sign, of
> course.
> Unlike C43 speed limit below which is bound to say "up to the next
> crossing" to tell you where you can speed up again, there is no point in
> saying what happens behind C23 sign if the driver cannot go there, is
> there?
> But now how can we make a map of such a case if OSM instructions<http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:maxweight>
> make the weight limit a way attribute and JOSM scolds with : *Wrong
> highway tag on a node.  Suspicious tag/value combinations*?  Is that
> Esneux adm playing tricks on OSM? ;-)
>   André.
>   *C23. **Accès interdit*<http://www.code-de-la-route.be/textes-legaux/sections/ar/code-de-la-route/251-art68>aux conducteurs de véhicules affectés au transport de choses.
> Une inscription sur un panneau additionnel limite l'interdiction aux
> conducteurs de véhicules dont la masse en charge dépasse la masse indiquée.
> 7,5t
>       C43. *A partir du signal jusqu'au prochain carrefour*, interdiction
> de circuler à une vitesse supérieure à celle qui est indiquée.
> - La mention “km” sur le signal est facultative.
> - Lorsqu'une masse est indiquée sur un panneau additionnel, l'interdiction
> n'est applicable qu'aux véhicules dont la masse maximale autorisée excède
> la limite fixée.
> Le signal C43, avec la mention 30 km/h, placé au-dessus du signal F1 vaut
> sur l'ensemble des voiries comprises dans les limites de l'agglomération.
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