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Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Fri Sep 21 19:37:51 BST 2012

On Fri, 2012-09-21 at 15:35 +0200, St Niklaas wrote:
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> > Subject: Re: [Tagging] Animal_shelter, multiple semicolon separated
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> > 
> > Why? We don't label hospital and hotel in the same way, with some
> extra 
> > tags to describe them. They are both places people stay for a while,
> but 
> > we recognise they are very different.
> > 
> > > Maybe animal shelter doesn't sound very good in some cases, but it
> is the
> > > most general definition we found.
> > >
> > >> I have a cousin who runs boarding kennels for cats, dogs and a
> few other
> > >> small pets. If he saw his business described on OSM as an animal
> shelter
> > >> he would be horrified.
> I am as a newbie horrified by the tags OSM uses, its necessary, but
> trying to translate all the English terms into my own language it
> almost needs a dictonary.
> > >>
> > >> An animal shelter is a place where abandoned or injured animals
> are
> > >> taken to be cared for. Some stay for life, some pets may be found
> new
> > >> homes and some wild animals that recover from injuries may be
> released.
> > >> The wild animal version and the pet versions are usually
> separate.
> > >> Animal shelters are often run by charities.
> Hi, agree with Phil, but my comment is more general and I disagree
> with Phil there should be more or less possible. OSM might be from GB
> but should every name or tag get a yes from Brittania ? No offence.
> It could be a bit late, but did anyone spend thoughts about pets
> (small animals) and catlle (large animals)
There are businesses that look after small animals, but are not common.
Small animals tend to be looked after by friends or neighbours as they
need little attention. Dogs and Cats are different, which is why there
are so many businesses dedicated to looking after them whilst Mum and
Dad are away.

>  to divide both groups of animals. By using pet_shelter theres no need
> to use multiple tags to discripe all the variaties, since I misted one
> for birds ? Most of the shelters accept lost and found animals, but
> offer (to earn some extra money) extra boarding services in general.
> Even the vets in the Netherlands are specialiced along this principle
> pet or catlle and of course there will be some mix too.
> animal_shelter = pet (companion animals)
> and if necessary, but I doubt it
> animal_shelter = catlle
I doubt it, I do not know what arrangements farmers make, but imagine it
involves someone going to their farm, rather than moving cattle.

> and
> animal_boarding = horses
There is a word for this, livery. You will often see the word in
Westerns, although people these days do not travel by horse. I have seen
guest houses offering livery, when they are near places where people
travel to with horses, such as polo clubs. Its amazing how observant OSM
has made me. Livery is a word you often see with riding stables, where
you rent a place to keep your horse and the owner will either offer
optional livery, in that they can look after your horse if you want. Or
you can look after it there and no doubt an option to have it looked
after while you go on holiday.


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