[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - More Consistency in Railway Tagging

Rovastar rovastar at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 14 12:08:39 UTC 2013

I think Martin it is best to focus your proposal on the area that is
manageable, smaller in scale and something that your know and have passion

So in this case I would just do a something for trams.

I think the initial problems with the proposal was it was radical and
effected millions of ways as it was all railways, and that is a huge and
fairly well established area.

Reading my comments back I didn't want/mean to sound aggressive I was just
an understanding of what you were trying to do and the problems that it can

I have never mapped trams so it is not my area of interest/expertise but
common it seem to be going forward that many map 1 per track. I know that is
not something you (initially) wanted but maybe something can come from it.

I am unclear on the whole proposal thing and if is need to clarify and add
details to the wiki. I have added details and clarification to the wiki
pages (Stadiums, golf courses (although I have never played or even like
golf :/) in the past and I have never done a proposal. And I want to at some
point add clarification and examples to the rail pages that we are striving
to map all tracks if possible. 

I think a lot can be done in relations for the routes of the trams. I notice
that for your San Fran example there are no relations attached to these
trams lines.
That will tell the people where they go and the routes they take. It is up
to the mapping render/software to decide what is displayed. Transport map I
think will show the relations and routes of the trams. 
With relations they should be easier to follow and I think will led to
better understanding of what can be mapped in the future.

I would look at other examples of trams around the world, find what you
consider the best examples and discuss them here. Update the wiki with good
examples. I find that is what is lacking in the wiki is good examples of
good practice. Generally I think people will follow good examples of good

Then you can be our tram tzar. :)

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