[Tagging] Tagging of topographic areas with a name

Yuri D'Elia wavexx at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Aug 18 13:54:44 UTC 2013

On 08/17/2013 05:47 PM, Wolfgang Zenker wrote:
> * fly <lowflight66 at googlemail.com> [130817 17:13]:
>> On 16.08.2013 19:05, Masi Master wrote:
>>> Hmm, I'm not sure that boundary is the right tag. Isn't it a border, and
>>> not an area?
>> Boundaries describe an area but you are right that they are not really
>> boundaries, especially if the border lines are not clearly defined
>> [..]
> I'm under the impression this discussion is leading to ever more complicated
> ideas, due to the problem that the features we want to name on the map
> are not really clearly defined areas.

Just for clarity, I was really hoping to find an already-established
tagging scheme for these features (named topological areas, valleys),
and bringing up the schemes I found in several other places rather than
trying to overcomplicate things.

While I agree that rendering should follow tagging, I also go by the
idea that as long as the scheme is consistent, one could switch to an
improved one later quickly enough.

Also, the people involved with rendering should have a pretty decent
overview of how the tags are actually used, corner cases and the
limitations involved. This is as important as tagging itself IMHO (I was
rendering navteq data in the past, so I value a lot input from software

I'm not sure if this list is followed by people involved with
styling/rendering OSM data itself? (please tell me if some other list
might be more appropriate).

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