[Tagging] road side

fly lowflight66 at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 21 11:35:11 UTC 2013

Am 21.08.2013 11:31, schrieb Pieren:

> First, "area=yes" implies that vehicules can move in all directions.
> Here you place is just large as one car is long.
> Then the "highway=secondary" is not appropriate since the area is
> clearly not intended for the secondary road network. You could possibly
> set as "unclassified" or "residential" if we follow your idea.
> But more important, this area is not for cars but clearly a sidewalk
> with a kerb ([1]). This is firstly an area for pedestrians that the
> neightbours have to cross with their cars from their private garages.
> Access is not restricted for pedestrians. So you shall primarily map
> this area as a sidewalk or pedestrian area and optionally map the access
> to private houses crossing this area. E.g.:

Pleas, do not start to tag these small areas as closedways/multipolygon.

> highway=footway (or pedestrian) (I don't know the current trend for
> sidewalks areas)
> + area=yes
> for the polygon
> and the private alleys have to be extended to join the main road and
> simply cross the pedestrian area.
> Don't forget that you are here micro-mapping at a level of details that
> is not usual in OSM (mapping sidewalks first and especially mapping
> sidewalks as area).

Why not simply adding sidewalk=both/left/right/none to the
highway=secondary and tag the total width=* ?


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