[Tagging] Consolidating tags for building attributes

Vivien Deparday vivien.deparday at gmail.com
Fri Aug 23 16:22:40 UTC 2013

Hi all,
The OpenDRI project has been doing some work in Nepal and Sri Lanka to
trace building footprints and to enter attribute data about the buildings.
We are looking to get feedback from the tagging and HOT mailing list on the
building presets that we are using and we would like to consolidate them
with the HDM preset [1] and with the rest of the work done by HOT (e.g. in
Indonesia [2]) to make sure it is consistent to use it with InaSafe [3] or
for 3D Modeling [4] or any other applications.

The presets developed by OpenDRI so far are Nepal [5] and Sri Lanka [6].
The Nepal presets already received a couple comments from the tagging list
that were applied.

1. We have been using 3D building guidelines (although they have a few
contradictory elements), taginfo statistics and looked at a lot of tagging
guidelines on the OSM wiki to create the keys and values but we didn't
really find one general guideline for creating new tags so we would welcome
any feedback on the presets [5] and [6].

2. There are a couple discrepancies:

Case A:
For the roof material, these keys have been used about the same number of
In wiki guidelines: roof:material=
In HDM or Indonesia: building:roof=
It seems like the first option would be better? because it allows to
differentiate with roof:shape ?

Case B:
For wall material (different from building structure)
In Indonesia: building:walls=
In HDM presets: building:material=
building:material is more widely used or do the two tags are meant to be

Case C:
For building usage,
I am not sure what is the best between these two or do they have different
goal/usage? building= seem to be a mix of usage, amenity type, structure

Case D:
I suppose they represents two different things: full capacity of a building
vs actual occupancy ?

Some other tags that could be added to the HDM:

If there is some kind of agreement I can create a pull request on the HDM
presets and add some of the new tags we are using too. The detailed
information about the new tags used in the presets will also be added to
pages on the wiki.



[1] *
[2] *https://github.com/hotosm/hot-indo/blob/master/bpbd_presets.xml*
[3] *http://inasafe.org/contents.html*
[4] *http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Simple_3D_buildings*
[5] *http://visualtags.hotosm.org/collection/10*  (2 notes: the source tag
will be removed from the presets and put on the changesets,
building:start_date => start_date)
[6] *https://www.dropbox.com/s/50blzkwmvxmbbw6/sri_lanka_presets.xml*
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