[Tagging] shop values for _supply, _supplies, _supplement, _supplements?

Ferenc Veres lion at netngine.hu
Thu Aug 29 10:26:34 UTC 2013


Sorry for late reply.

That's very interesting. From this viewpoint the current SHOP values are
also inconsistent, e.g. the store: "jewelry" "bakery", or what it sells:
"shoes", "baby_goods".


But then a pet_supply sells pets, not pet_supplies. Am I right?

And there are many plural SHOP values already, which look totally OK and
more convenient and natural.

And this problem is not even mentioned on tagging guideline:


The example on Key:office page is way different ("Please use the
singular form; e.g., lawyer not lawyers,"), because many of those words
are fine in singular form and do not create a language "weirdness" (e.g.

But most of my examples are better in plural, so we should use those.

Thanks all,

2013.08.24. 16:18 keltezéssel, John F. Eldredge írta:
> This distinction (singular for a phrase describing the store, plural for
> describing what it sells) is standard usage in the USA. Another example,
> not using the words "supply" or "supplies", would be that a grocery
> sells groceries.
> Stephen Hope <slhope at gmail.com> wrote:
>     On 23 August 2013 03:29, Ferenc Veres <lion at netngine.hu
>     <mailto:lion at netngine.hu>> wrote:
>         English is not my native language, so I don't know if plural or
>         singular
>         is correct for this, or which wording would work best grammatically
>         while also fit in OSM tagging scheme, that recommends plural.
>         medical_supply
>         medical_supplies
>         pet_supply
>         pet_supplies
>         nutrition_supplements
>         nutrition_supplement
>     It depends on whether you are talking about the store or what it sells
>     A medical supply store (or a medical supplier) sells medical supplies
>     A pet supply store sell pet supplies
>     etc
>     Stephen
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