[Tagging] Ace Hardware

Serge Wroclawski emacsen at gmail.com
Fri Aug 30 20:38:41 UTC 2013

On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 3:48 PM, Bryce Nesbitt <bryce2 at obviously.com> wrote:

> operator  = Joe Smith, Proprietor.
> affiliation = ACE Hardware Corporation
> affiliation_2 = North East Hardware Cooperative

This is exactly the kind of over-tagging I'd like to avoid.

- Serge

> With ACE what's important (I suppose) is that the store probably carries a
> bunch of ACE products.

Not to me. I don't think OSM is where we want to carry store
inventories. We had that discussion on that list a year ago. What I
care(d) about was that you can look up an ACE store by its ref id.

- Serge

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