[Tagging] How to tag babycare?

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Mon Dec 2 13:59:12 UTC 2013

2013/12/2 Satoshi IIDA <nyampire at gmail.com>

> Hi list,
> I'm a bit wondering how to tag following babycare amenities.
> Possibly those are additional feature for childcare 2.0 schema, but usable
> with other POIs.
> (e.g. w/ amenity=cafe, toilet, or so.)
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/childcare2.0
> * where to replace baby's diaper.
> ** according to Taginfo, "diaper=[yes|no|room]" ?

used very few times (ca. 300). Also alternatives I have checked are used
very few times (e.g. amenity=baby_change 2 times).

> * where to access with stroller/pushchair
> ** according to Taginfo, "stroller=[yes|no|limited]"?
> ** very similar schema as "wheelchair=*".

Do we really need a different tag here? Or would it be OK to asume from the
wheelchair tags that strollers are OK as well? Are there different
technical requirements for accessibility by wheelchairs and strollers?  Or
is this about legally different situations?

> * where to feed milk to baby.
> ** Maybe "feed=*" or "feeding=*"?
*** According to Taginfo, those tags are to feed domestic animals.

maybe "breast_feeding"? I have never needed a tag like this, basically you
can do it everywhere where there isn't too much noise / movement ;-), but
this might be perceived differently in different cultures.

** Maybe "nursery=*"?
*** But this definition is conflict with childcare 2.0 definition.
** possible values are [yes|no]. or others?

I wouldn't use "nursery" as this seems to refer to something else (a place
to bring your baby so they care for it).

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