[Tagging] leisure=garden

cracklinrain cra_klinrain at gmx.de
Thu Dec 5 18:27:27 UTC 2013

Am 05.12.2013 18:46, schrieb Martin Koppenhoefer:
> I would only use it on the effective garden area, overlapping the
> landuse=residential area. Buildings and non-garden areas should not be
> included.

This in combination with garden:type and garden:style does make sense.
But until now I did not see a garden correctly mapped excluding the main
building. Some building=hut maybe included - in my opinion this does not

At Hamburg for example there are gardens concluded to one area. So this
does not make it possible to have a distiction between the gardens. So
there is no further style etc applicable.

Actually usually gardens are distinct from each other. How will you map
this? I mean leisure=garden is not like landuse covering hundreds of
gardens (with different style).

The only valueable solution in context with barrier=fance are
multipolygons... I assume that too few mappers are able to do so. All
the other solutions might get really messy/chaotic.

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