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Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Tue Dec 10 11:50:24 UTC 2013

2013/12/10 Steve Bennett <stevagewp at gmail.com>

> - how do you tag a mountain range? That is, not a single ridge or
> mountain, but a line of mountains, potentially hundreds or even thousands
> of kilometres long

the question should be: how to map a mountain range, as it seems we can't
represent these kind of features (very big, blurry borders, not mappable in
high zoom levels) well in our data model. That's the main reason why we
don't have these. There are also other features similar to a mountain range
(a "forest" as name for a region, including non-forest areas, lowlands /
plains, desert, ...). Actually we don't have tags or a way to map to most
of these geographic features and regions besides the atomic components
(like peaks).

IMHO it would be nice to have an alternative dataset in lower zoomlevels
for geographic regions and extended/blurry features, something like a set
of shapefiles with translations into all languages we can provide,
something similar to what natural earth data provides, but distributed and
modified/translated by us, not just English and for higher zoom levels
(i.e. more detailed) than what NE has. Still we could start with their
geographic regions dataset and refine it, as "All versions of *Natural
Earth* raster + vector map data found on this website are in the public

- how do you name a generic geographic feature, like a cluster of rocks
> ("Mushroom rocks") or a vague features like "the blowhole", "something
> hollow". The tags are all very specific and seem to imply the ability to
> render it somehow other than using words. (I have ended up using
> place=locality for some of these but it doesn't seem right.)

if you don't know what it is (i.e. "generic feature") place=locality seems
perfectly fitting, otherwise be more precise and tag or subtag it as what
it is (e.g. a cluster of rocks).

Generally I see "natural" as the tag for a geographic features and
"landcover" for describing physical qualitities / vegetation.

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