[Tagging] Topographic place names

Kytömaa Lauri lauri.kytomaa at aalto.fi
Thu Dec 12 13:46:27 UTC 2013

> it won't be a clearly defined border where some meters more or less matter or are clearly definable

IMO one can always ask the locals/local geologists "is this location/point a part of the mountain/mountain range". At some point, "everybody" agrees that it is, and somewhere further down the slope "everybody" agrees it's not. It doesn't matter much where - between those points - the way is. That's still usable data, and it will getter better as more locals edit it, to refine it and to add smaller details. And they'll soon be multipolygons because the way length limit will often be exceeded.

However, it would be good if somebody (preferably a geologist by trade, and preferably several from different countries) were to write a nice short summary of the different possible "scientific" thresholds for "where the mountain starts". Then mappers could use a more specific tag to say which kind of boundary they were drawing, before we have ways denoting areas constructed from significantly different attributes.


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