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Wed Dec 11 09:29:29 UTC 2013

2013/12/10 Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com>

> E.g. seamark:type=harbour is fine for a seamark indicating a harbour, but
> it isn't (IMHO) a nice tag for the harbour itself.

it seems though, that what is currently done is exactly this: add
seamark:type=harbour to the whole area of the harbour:

It also seems odd to add all facilities as attributes to the main object
rather than mapping them inside the area at the place where they are (if I
understood that page right, the former is what it suggests). E.g.

 Wi-Fi  harbour:wifi  Availability of WiFi access point.  Drinking
Water harbour:water_tap Availability of potable water.  Showers
 harbour:showers  Availability/access of shower/bathing facilities.  Toilets
 harbour:toilets  Availability/access of toilet facilities.
Laundrette harbour:laundrette Availability/access of laundry
why should we use a different tag for a wifi or a toilet because it is
inside a harbour? We already have standard tags for those objects,
duplicating the information seems strange to me, like a "parallel project
inside the project". As this seems a general problem with openseamap tags,
I suggest to involve also the tagging ML (cc.).

This was already mentioned years ago but apparently it didn't change until

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