[Tagging] End voting bicycle=use_cycleway

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Sun Dec 15 17:03:18 UTC 2013

2013/12/15 Pee Wee <piewie32 at gmail.com>
> 1.       There are no absolute rules as to when it is approved/rejected
> (and I can understand that)

there are for voting: we require at least 15 votes and a majority of "yes"
votes. Of course a won voting doesn't make your tag "approved" or used by
the community.

> 2.       For some reason it seems that the ones that make the proposal
> can not vote. This is a barrier to team up with others because you then
> loose votes.

where do you get this from? First time I hear this.

> 3.       Only if you have a wiki account you can vote.

yes, but they are cheap and fast to get.

> 4.       You can vote no without having given any objections to the
> proposal before voting.

yes,  but where is the problem? Of course it is desirable to participate as
early as possible in the process, but in the end we all have also other
things to do, so sometimes you only get to read the details of a certain
proposal when it is already in the voting phase.

5.       You can always vote no just for an irrelevant reason. (and that is
> subjective, I know)

yes, but you shouldn't ;-)

> 6.       There are more then 1 million mappers and only a few vote (24 in
> this case).

as Pieren stated, there are less then 1M mappers, currently IIRR something
like 300.000 (with at least 1 edit), but most of them aren't very involved
and have only done few edits (less than 10). You won't want those people
with typically few dedication to and few experience with OSM to vote on
tags (IMHO).

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