[Tagging] "vote" results about aed/defibrillator

fly lowflight66 at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 16 21:28:59 UTC 2013

On 16.12.2013 13:37, Pieren wrote:
> Seven weeks after the 2nd "vote" ([1]) started about the best tag for
> defibrillators, we get the following results:
> 10 for "emergency=aed"
> 1 for "emergency=AED"
> 24 for "emergency=defibrillator"
> 4 for "emergency=automated_external_defibrillator"
> The new "emergency=defibrillator" is leading. The feedbacks indicate
> that the documentation should clarify its default usage (reserved for
> 'automated and external defibrillators').


> In other cases,
> defibrillators are normally not accessible to the public. But just in
> case someone is going to map such devices, we should add a subtag like
> e.g. "defibrillator=manual" (+"access=no"). Something I can add in the
> wiki when it's moved properly out of the proposal section.

You can add it now and either have a separate vote or exclude it from
voting but only leave it in the proposal.

> But more important for me, the discussions show that "aed" is more
> popular and known in some countries where, in opposite, it is
> completely unknown in others. Either it's translated to the local
> "defibrillator" word or is known with a different abbreviation like
> "dea" or "dae". The tag "defibrillator" is probably more
> understandable and less error-prone internationaly but not in some
> countries where "aed" would be better.
> That's why I'm considering if we could accept in the futur both values
> "aed" and "defibrillator" equally and document them as such in the
> wiki. But editors presets should give the preference to the more
> international version "defibrillator". Your opinion ?

We do not need two tags for one thing.
More than one wiki pages is ok but they should links to the proper tag.

Maybe we could even think about a bot and as JOSM already includes a
preset for it at least a validator warning will be added once we find
the proper tag.

Cheers fly

> [1] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/automated_external_defibrillator#Voting_.282nd.29

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