[Tagging] Disused/historic railway stations

Steve Bennett stevagewp at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 23:10:43 GMT 2013

All of these exist in taginfo, and have at least 10 hits:

railway:historic=station_site (376)
railway:historic=station (188)
historic:railway=station (230)

historic=station (10)
historic=railway_station (37)
historic=station_site (65)

disused:railway=station (223)
disused=station (64)

(And of course very many railway=station, disused=yes combos, deprecated.)

Would anyone like to speculate on which of these is preferred, and
what the possible semantics are?

I can kind of see two distinctions being made above:
* historic vs disused: whether the fact of there being a station is
actually of historical interest. (As opposed to a station built in the
1980s and shut down a couple of years ago, or never put into service
or something.)
* station vs station_site: whether there are any physical remains to see.

Also, anyone know which renderers/styles support which?


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