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On Sat, Feb 9, 2013 at 3:33 AM, Philip Barnes <phil at trigpoint.me.uk> wrote:

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> On Sat, 2013-02-09 at 01:41 +0000, Dave F. wrote:
> Hi
> Around my area in the UK a user is presently adding bicycle=no to all
> motorways. There was a discussion a while back whether it that tag was
> implied for motorways. If I remember, it was claimed there were some
> places (not UK) that allowed bicycles. What was the consensus?
> I'm not sure it's necessary. I think it should be implied & bicycle=yes
> added if they are allowed.
>  I did mail the mapper who added these and got the following reply.
> "Because I want to. My edits are not vandalism, they are correct and so
> why I am doing them is not really germane now is it?". His deliberate
> choice of complex words that, I had to google. Had me thinking muppet.
> In my mind the restriction is in the name, Motor-way, Auto-bahn,
> Auto-route, Auto-Strada. I have driven on the first 3, and none allow
> cyclists.
> Where do we stop, if we override the implied tags do we then have to add
> pedestrian=no
> horse=no
> invalid_carriage=no
> learner_driver=no
> hgv_learner=yes
> tracked_vehicle=no
> agricultural_vehicle=no
> and so on.

More detail is not a bad thing.

> In countries where cyclists are allowed I do wonder if they are really
> motorway, I mean legally, signposted, or if cyclists are allowed are they
> expressways and then maybe tagged as trunk.

In the US and Canada, it varies.  Oregon figures you're bright enough to
know you're entering an expressway or freeway.  Other places, such as
California, Washington, and IIRC Texas, post "EXPRESSWAY ENTRANCE" or
"FREEWAY ENTRANCE" right at the start of the ramp (though they all allow
bicycles on some freeways; banned modes are signposted at the entrance).
 Oklahoma DOT doesn't post such signs, but prohibits nonmotorized access
from highways with a minimum speed limit except when posted otherwise (in
theory, there's a few such roads posted as a bike route, but I haven't
found them yet), and annoyingly, doesn't post that a road has a minimum
until you're well beyond a point of no return (and sometimes throws one on
mid-block on an expressway without warning, so unless you know the road
well, you get trapped by it).  Though, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority does
post, and on large, easily noticable signs, maximum legal widths, heights,
weights, and modes (often explicitly banning pedestrians, bicycles, motor
scooters, farm implements and animals).

Last I heard, the consensus was reached:  When it doubt, tag explicitly.
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