[Tagging] source:maxspeed vs. maxspeed:type

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On 22 February 2013 16:38, Martin Vonwald <imagic.osm at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi!
> Recently the use of the key maxspeed:type was documented in the wiki
> (see [1] and [2]). It seems to be used in the UK for the same purpose
> as source:maxspeed. I quote: "In the UK the general practice is to use
> the maxspeed:type tag as the source:*=* should be for how the data was
> collected, not how it was derived. "
> Well - there's a point. Yes, I know how often source:maxspeed is
> tagged (241,738 times). But besides being tagged, is it "used" for
> anything at the moment?

I think the changes to the wiki are slightly misleading. It is not general
practice in the UK to use maxspeed:type There have been a few discussions
about maxspeed tagging on the talk-gb list with limited consensus. It's
difficult topic to summarise.
A number of UK mappers feel that the simple maxspeed tag with a numerical
value is of limited value or even incorrect. Along the majority of our
roads the speed limit is derived by the type of the road and your vehicle.
As Philip Barnes pointed out, speed limit changes can happen and if so are
likely to be applied to a type of road. Discussions on the subject can be
found by searching maxspeed in the GB mailing list.

Discussion in the talk-gb list suggested that maxspeed:type would be better
than source:maxspeed. Several people agreed but it was pointed out the
globally source:maxspeed was preferred, and that in the UK source:maxspeed
was also preferred (demonstrated by tagwatch). I believe Peter Miller (of
ITO Map) was one of those arguing for the maxspeed:type tag. In the last
year Peter has put a lot of time into adding and cleaning up maxspeed tags
on major UK roads and has been using the maxspeed:type tag. This has led to
significant increase in the number of times the tag now appears in the UK.

The updates to the wiki page imply that maxspeed:type is the UK standard,
but that is not the case. Source:maxspeed still appears more widespread
across the country. Personally I think maxspeed:type is better but I
carried on using source:maxspeed because it appeared to be the accepted
'global' way of doing things.

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