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My impression is that a lot of the source:maxspeed were added by a single
user in an armchair edit. So its prevalence is not really an indicator of

On Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 12:07 AM, Jason Cunningham <jamicuosm at googlemail.com
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> On 22 February 2013 16:38, Martin Vonwald <imagic.osm at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Recently the use of the key maxspeed:type was documented in the wiki
>> (see [1] and [2]). It seems to be used in the UK for the same purpose
>> as source:maxspeed. I quote: "In the UK the general practice is to use
>> the maxspeed:type tag as the source:*=* should be for how the data was
>> collected, not how it was derived. "
>> Well - there's a point. Yes, I know how often source:maxspeed is
>> tagged (241,738 times). But besides being tagged, is it "used" for
>> anything at the moment?
> I think the changes to the wiki are slightly misleading. It is not general
> practice in the UK to use maxspeed:type There have been a few discussions
> about maxspeed tagging on the talk-gb list with limited consensus. It's
> difficult topic to summarise.
> A number of UK mappers feel that the simple maxspeed tag with a numerical
> value is of limited value or even incorrect. Along the majority of our
> roads the speed limit is derived by the type of the road and your vehicle.
> As Philip Barnes pointed out, speed limit changes can happen and if so are
> likely to be applied to a type of road. Discussions on the subject can be
> found by searching maxspeed in the GB mailing list.
> Discussion in the talk-gb list suggested that maxspeed:type would be
> better than source:maxspeed. Several people agreed but it was pointed out
> the globally source:maxspeed was preferred, and that in the UK
> source:maxspeed was also preferred (demonstrated by tagwatch). I believe
> Peter Miller (of ITO Map) was one of those arguing for the maxspeed:type
> tag. In the last year Peter has put a lot of time into adding and cleaning
> up maxspeed tags on major UK roads and has been using the maxspeed:type
> tag. This has led to significant increase in the number of times the tag
> now appears in the UK.
> The updates to the wiki page imply that maxspeed:type is the UK standard,
> but that is not the case. Source:maxspeed still appears more widespread
> across the country. Personally I think maxspeed:type is better but I
> carried on using source:maxspeed because it appeared to be the accepted
> 'global' way of doing things.
> Jason
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