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On 2013-02-26 15:47, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote :
> 2013/2/23 A.Pirard.Papou <A.Pirard.Papou at gmail.com>
>> A non-way is not the best word to describe my idea and I also do not feel comfortable with it.
>> It's sort of a "secret [winding] little passage" that one must follow on demand.
>> So, more than "informal=yes" (which I don't understand well), it would be a straight "exists=no".
> I'll try to explain the idea of "informal=yes" on a
> highway=footway/path: it is a path (there is something recognizable on
> the ground) which is there because people (or maybe animals) are using
> it frequently, but it is not built on purpose, in fact, nobody built
> it at all. In German this would be called "Trampelpfad", in French
> "Ligne de désir", in English "desire line".
> If there is nothing at all, I don't know if I'd map it (in the end you
> can find shortcuts on all non-linear ways, depending on the terrain,
> your equipment and your abilities). If there is a route using this way
> it surely won't be "nothing".

Let me explain with an example.
Have you ever seen the route of the Tour de France?
It is made of a series of stages.
Usually, the stages are connected, like the ways of an OSM route.
But sometimes they're not.  There is a gap between two stages.
And nobody cares about why, what there's in between or how the cyclists 
bridge the gap.

The specification I'm trying to suggest is exactly that.
There is a gap in an OSM route and the sole idea is to bridge it.
We must indicate "go from here to there in an unspecified way".
It is just to

  * make sure that those who follow the route will go "there" and not
    somewhere else
  * indicate to validators that there is no mistake and that the route
    is connected and maybe looped

That there are paths in between or not, what those possible parts are 
called, that the route may exist and just be unknown, that there should 
be paths but that there is a map bug, or any other reason for a gap, all 
that is very good for a note=literature but is totally irrelevant for 
the attempted specification.
They were mentioned because the idea evolved from a path feature to a 
relation feature.



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