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Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Wed Feb 27 11:49:22 UTC 2013

Am 27.02.2013 12:28, schrieb Janko Mihelic':
> 2013/2/27 Pieren <pieren3 at gmail.com <mailto:pieren3 at gmail.com>>
>     Tag "operator:wikidata=Q38076" much better than
>     "operator=McDonalds" ?!
>     Are you all so disconnected from real contributors ?
> Real contributors can continue to write operator tags. I'm always for 
> making it easier for the mapper. But why not help developers once in a 
> while?
How does it help developers to have a minimal number of wikidata-tags in 
osm? If that's not tagged in the majority of objects, developers still 
have to support the fallback from the operator with all work that comes 
with this support. Not supporting that fallback will fail in most cases; 
so what's the benefit of the wikidata-tag?
> Right now we have 886 McDonald's, 53 McDonalds and 9 
> McDonald's?Deutschland?Inc. I'm not going to mass change them to what 
> I think they should be, because they all could have their reasons to 
> give them that operator name. But Wikidata ID should be unchangeable 
> and unambiguous, so mistakes should be easy to spot and fix.
For McDonald's and mcDonalds you'r right, I think; for McDonald's 
Deutschland Inc I guess there is a corresponding company inside the 
worldwide company, and that this might have a distinct entry in 
wikidata. So this wouldn't help either.

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