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Simone Saviolo simone.saviolo at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 12:00:46 UTC 2013

I'm honestly appalled by some of the criticism here. I think this is a
great proposal and will be very useful once both sides are solid, with
WikiData hosting more and more information and OSM linking lots of objects
to a WikiData node.

As to the McDonalds/McDonalds Deutschland issue, think of a TagIngo that
understands WikiData and shows you not only the code (QXXXX) but also the
name of that WikiData node. You would immediately see that there are
thousands of McDonald's Corp., a hundred McDonald's Deutschland Inc., and
eight <Can't find node>. It would be a treat to detect errors.

What would be great to ease the mapper's task would be an editor that
understands WikiData. Something that, as I enter the wikidata=* tag, shows
a form in which what I type is looked up into WikiData; the editor would
then fill the tag what the proper node ID.

I'm a bit puzzled that we've been saying for years that OSM should only
store geographical information, that all other information should be in a
separate database, and now that there is that separate database there are
so many voices against it.


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