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Dana srijeda, 27. veljače 2013., korisnik Peter Wendorff<
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> You "call for editor support" for a new external ID that's not

It isn't any less controllable then Wikipedia. But it is more reliable.

> 2) wikidata will not change the meaning of the content of what there is
behind any ID.
> I'm not sure here. As we refine an object by different new objects again
and again the same might happen to wikidata, changing the meaning of e.g.
Qxxxx (let's say McDonald's) from the brand of the many burger shops to the
holding itself, while introducing Qxxxxy for the brand McDonalds, or
refining Qxxxxx to be the holding itself, without containing McDonald's
Germany and the other country-specific sub-companies. Sure: Users might
again be able to follow the wikidata information network down to all
country-specific sub-companies and pull all restaurants out of it, but
that's not automatically again, I guess.

I guess slight changing of meanings of some items in their database could
happen, but that is going to be a big job. Changing all 77 articles about
McDonald's on all languages is no small feat :) And if it changes, there is
nothing easier than doing a find/replace in our database.

I agree that Wikidata isn't a perfect semantic data model, but it is in the
spirit of free data, made by a community of people. It stands for all that
Openstreetmap stands for, and that's why I think it's the best semantic
database we are going to have in a long while.

> Adding this might be acceptable for most mappers, but replacing our own
data is a problem as it relies on wikidata to be correct and stay stable up
to the meaning of entries, which is not guaranteed as far as I know (and I
have now idea how this COULD be guaranteed AND kept up to date on the same

> 3) let's take another example, the "Eckmänneken", an old house in
Warburg, Germany [1]. It's the oldest "Fachwerk" house in Germany and
contains a greek restaurant. Both might be a valid reason to add it to
wikidata, the restaurant business as well as the building itself.
> In OSM nevertheless both could be tagged on the same object (it is not,
but it could be, and often that is the case). If you add a wikidata ID to
it - would it be one to the restaurant or to the building? Or to both - how?

This is a question we all have to answer. I think we are going to have to
make a set of rules. We can start with simple rules like "All McDonald's
restaurants have a tag franchise:wikidata=Q38076". Then we can make the
rules more flexible like "amenity=restaurant can have the
franchise:wikidata=xyz, but only if xyz has a "is a=company" and
"industry=restaurants" in Wikidata.

> IMHO it's okay to link to wikidata, but it doesn't help: Neither it does
make live easier for mappers nor it reduces errors in the data. With tool
support (as you propose) it might work, but without - and that's now the
case - it's useless.

It's useful for data consumers.

Janko Mihelić
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