[Tagging] Source tag - deprecated for use on objects?

Dudley Ibbett dudleyibbett at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 7 19:10:55 GMT 2013

As a relatively new mapper I am rather confused about this discussion about source.  To quote the wiki for the tag, source:  

"The source tag is a meta-tag, used for categorising the source of
 information added to the database. It is not usually used for 
rendering, but it assists with the verification of data, and informs future editors about the origins of the data they are modifying."

In term of the changeset this is what you find for the change set under "proposed features/changeset"

"This tag is to be used the same way as source=*
 on objects and may be a future replacement to object level source 
tagging, when using it, it is highly recommended that your edit should 
only contain data from that source."

The former is quite well documented and readily seen by newbies under the properties window in JOSM.  I've no idea how to find the latter within JOSM for a particular object.

I can be a pain to add source tags to each object but I just hacked the presets and added a drop down box for these.  I though it was good mapping practice as per the wiki.

I would be tempted to just to tag the changeset but I would have to change the way I edit and use many more changesets during a typical session. Perhaps I should and this is why my stats are so bad in this respect!!!

If putting source on the changeset is to be the way forward then it should be better documented for Newbies and also the changeset tag needs to be readily viewable for an object in editors.  i.e. there when you select it in the editor.  If it already is and I'm missing this, it would be good to know how you can view this information as I tend to be more likely to change an object where there is no object source tag.


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