[Tagging] Is the difference between power station and sub station clear?

John Sturdy jcg.sturdy at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 23:49:16 GMT 2013

On Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 7:33 PM, François Lacombe
<francois.lacombe at telecom-bretagne.eu> wrote:
> So we have the same opinion so far, that's great!

And from me, to.

> Just a question about the OSM sense of "deprecated".
> Why can't we directly display a big message on each "never use this" tag to
> inform mappers that they would not use this key/value any more?
> => May administrators could build a template?

Because there is no one point at which that could be displayed, just
several different map editor programs, each maintained by different

Perhaps it would be good to have in the database a way of making a tag
as "deprecated", that editor software could read dynamically, but then
it would be stuck if something it assumed was available became
deprecated, and its programmers would have to intervene after all.

And also, there are several renderers (some with multiple stylesheets)
which can each have different rules about what to display and what (by
not having a rule to display it) to ignore.

> For me, deprecation don't imply a mass and automatic retagging. It's just
> removing some links on wiki and freeze the page.

Yes, but it also matters for editors and renderers to stop using the
old one and start using its replacement.

> Thus, changes will be done on the fly, with all the attention expected of
> the knowledgable persons for each planet areas and new objects won't be
> described with deprecated stuff.

Yes, that's good.


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