[Tagging] Dispute concerning shrimp pond dikes

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Sat Jan 26 17:23:42 GMT 2013

On 2013-01-25 03:15, doug brown wrote :
> Thanks again André.  I am really impressed with the amount of work you 
> have done on my problem and greatly appreciate  your efforts.  I hope 
> to be able to find some time to work on this Sunday afternoon.  I will 
> let you know how it goes.
I was also impressed by the patience you needed to encode all that data 
and the vandalism you have been victim of.  And as I developed anti 
vandalism skill when I myself am the victim...
This said, I felt stupid when I realized that patching the .osm file 
manually with a much neater result was done in minutes compared to well 
over one hour with the merge method leaving much work to do. I'm glad 
you will use the new file.
I suppose that the JOSM validation errors will disappear after moving 
the bundled nodes back to place and that you will not have too much 
trouble solving conflicts when updating OSM.
I hope that you and MagWhiz will be useful to JOSM by explaining how the 
data got into that state.

Conclusion, use JOSM and support those who support it.

I'm eagerly waiting to see the shrimps back home :-)



> Cheers,
> doug brown
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> Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2013 02:43:36 +0100
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> Subject: Re: [Tagging] Dispute concerning shrimp pond dikes
> Updated.
> On 2013-01-22 20:33, doug brown wrote :
>     Thanks André.  I got the data and have tested it in JOSM.  I have
>     been able to delete some of the ways that go off into infinity,
>     but it is going to take some time.  At least this is a way forward.
> I finally decided I should have a look at what is wrong in the Revert.
> I made manual corrections and the resulting .osm file is here. 
> <http://www.papou.byethost9.com/tmp/shrimp_pond_dike_OK.osm>
> All the ways going to nodes "at infinity" now converge to some real 
> dummy point.
> All you have to do is to repeatedly drag that node to the correct 
> positions (they split).
> That will untangle the bundle.
> Remember you can still select as many set of data you want to process 
> separately,
> /*Edit>merge selection*/ to a new layer, update OSM from that new 
> layer and delete the selection (in layer of this file) to see what 
> you've done and what remains.
> Be extra sure not to update from the layer where you delete that way, 
> though.
> JOSM would delete your work from the server.
> Carefully check what each request shows it's going to do.
> So, about 20 nodes were like this.
>   <node id='1579548851' action='modify' 
> timestamp='2012-10-20T05:16:27Z' uid='656969' user='MagWhiz' 
> visible='false' version='2' changeset='13563919' />
> that is, without coordinates.  I set that dummy one.
> That was causing the non-crashing program faults when JOSM processed 
> those infinity nodes.
> For example, deleting or trying to merge the way they're in.
> On 2013-01-24 16:33, fly wrote :
>     Would you please report these bugs at JOSM trac. Otherwise they will probably
>     not be fixed soon.
> Best regards.
> Cheers,
> André.
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>     Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2013 20:17:02 +0100
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>     Subject: Re: [Tagging] Dispute concerning shrimp pond dikes
>     On 2013-01-22 13:37, doug brown wrote :
>         Thanks all for the feedback you have provided on the tags for
>         the shrimp pond dikes.  I hope to be able to implement many of
>         these changes soon, but I have not been successful in using
>         the JOSM Reverter plugin.  The OSM Wiki states:
>         "After installing the plugin and restarting JOSM, you should
>         find a new menu item History -> Revert changeset."
>         I have updated to the latest JOSM version (version 5608) and
>         downloaded the plugin and restarted JOSM multiple times, but
>         no History menu item appears.  Subsequent attempts to download
>         the reverter plugin yield a message that all plugins are up to
>         date.
>         I'm out of ideas on how to proceed.  Does anybody have any advice?
>     I have replayed the first part of Revert and stored the result
>     here <http://www.papou.byethost9.com/tmp/shrimp_pond_dike.osm>.
>     The file was saved after replying yes to "ignore 23 conflicts?".
>     I wanted to know if an attempt to update would raise the same
>     conflicts.
>     It raised a JOSM crash.
>     I tried to delete the runaway ways and it crashed again
>     intermittently.
>     It finally crashed when I reloaded the new file I was saving
>     little by little.
>     My best advice is to create a new JOSM layer, /*Edit>merge
>     selection*/ of as many pieces of data as you can and update OSM
>     from that new layer.
>     It's doable, take heart.
>     Is JOSM usual to you?
>     That vandal should be sent to OSM jail for a few weeks.
>     Cheers,
>     André.

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