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Wed Jan 30 13:31:42 GMT 2013

On 2013-01-29 16:04, SomeoneElse wrote :
> A.Pirard.Papou wrote:
>> I have successfully written programs processing our tags, but 'm 
>> stuck on this problem.
>> Given a node number or a way number, typically a street, what are the 
>> HTTP queries to send, and what is the algorithm to process the 
>> replies, to determine  the relation number of which municipality, 
>> province, country, landuse, whichever polygon, etc... that element is 
>> inside?
> You might be better off asking that on the dev list, or perhaps the 
> help site (https://help.openstreetmap.org/). 
I've got more than 150 subscriptions already and they're not using 
OpenID (why?) :-(
> It also might help to say whether you're doing something that has to 
> work "on the fly" where space is short (e.g. on a mobile phone) or 
> somewhere where you've got access to a database of some sort.
Although I have some small projects in mind, I'm not exactly "doing 
something" here. Knowing the town in which a street is, for example, is 
much like, in computing, being able to compute the square root of a 
number.  It's an algorithm. It allows, when anything is found in a Main 
Street, to say in what town that Main Street is, or, conversely, to look 
for things in one town.
As to what you have in mind, indeed the algorithm shouldn't scan for 
every occurrence of something on Earth and select one from the list. Yes 
it should work on an area of pure OSM data, and possibly on a mobile 
without building an OSM reputation of working but by constantly picking 
up the comm. line (many mix up OSM and programs, like my provider and 
its PC anti-virus).
My pilgrim's staff is ready and I'll visit the POIs you mentioned.

Thank you.


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