[Tagging] gross weight - conclusions & changes

martinq osm-martinq at fantasymail.de
Tue Jul 2 18:01:59 UTC 2013

there is one additional observation from my side:

For highest level of confusion, "gross weight" is not used as (short) 
synonym for *permissible* maximum mass everywhere.

In contrary! In US they distinguish between:
GVW = gross vehicle weight, meaning the *ACTUAL* weight
GVWR = gross vehicle weight rating, meaning the maximum GVW defined in 
vehicle documents

For combinations GCW and GCWR (gross combination weight rating) are used.

a) Thus, for less ambiguity it suggest to use
maxweightrating instead of maxgrossweight as originally proposed.

b) Even though I don't like abbreviations in key names, I propose 
'maxgcw' and 'maxgcwrating' for the combination (truck+trailer) 
variants. Otherwise the tags get very long (maxcombinedweightrating). I 
also considered the alternative "train" or GTW, which seems to be more 
common in UK. But I am afraid that in an international context "train" 
may be misunderstood or misinterpreted.

Any opinions?

By the way: I saw the first use of maxgrossweight on taginfo. Sorry that 
I propose a change of the key name now...


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