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Fri Jul 5 09:16:51 UTC 2013

Why tag the sticker?

Surely it would be better to tag what the log represents, looking at
your example, it looks to me like the sticker represents a level of
disabled access. Which would be covered by the existing wheelchair =
tag? (In this example this would also improve compatibility with
existing renderers and apps like wheelchair map)

It also solves the problem that you might have multiple "stickers"; by
recording what the stickers represent rather than the exact sticker
it's much easier to represent and then find this data.


Shu Higashi wrote:

I'd like to propose a tag "sticker" which is already used 103 times
according to taginfo.
This tag can be used in combination with many kind of POIs which has
I think this tag would be useful for developing thematic maps in
cooperation with social activities using stickers.
Any suggestions?


name:sticker=Heart Barrier Free Project

Shu Higashi

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