[Tagging] type for natural=tree (leaved <-> leafed)

fly lowflight66 at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 9 13:33:54 UTC 2013

Am 07.07.2013 19:32, schrieb Tobias Knerr:
> On 07.07.2013 18:59, John Sturdy wrote:
>> On further thought, I'd go for type=deciduous, rather than
>> broad-lea[fv]ed.  Not quite the same thing (I think larches are
>> deciduous but not broad-leaved) but I think it's the normal "technical"
>> term (the others being "evergreen").
> That would make the transition quite hard - the current data is based on
> a different distinction and, as you say, the two are not
> equivalent. Perhaps more importantly, broad-leaved vs. coniferous is the
> obvious visual distinction and therefore more useful for rendering and
> easier to identify without botanical knowledge (except in winter).


> A separate tag (deciduous=yes/no?) would make more sense because the two
> attributes are orthogonal.

You can already use genus=*, species=* and taxon=*, but if you need this
go ahead.


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