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> Again, thanks for all the discussion. I'm following most of it. ;) I
> think...
> Could I attempt to articulate what I consider the major confusion in the
> existing kindergarten tag? Perhaps this is already known, but perhaps an
> explanation could inspire a graceful resolution.
> In the US, (and according to the Oxford dictionary Australia and Britain),
> kindergarten is legally defined for 5 and 6 year olds. There are cases
> where parents have attempted to enroll a child of below 5 into kindergarten
> and have been legally refused. Instead there are a number of facilities
> that accommodate children below the age of 5.
> ...

It is my understanding that kindergarten means something very different in
> other places of the world. How does OSM account for such cultural
> differences? Perhaps the childcare proposal should not try to replace
> kindergarten, but instead try to disassociate childcare from the
> kindergarten umbrella?
> But I am not sure I know enough about tags to propose something
> appropriate.

I think the clearest is to use "amenity=childcare", and document that the
age range taken should be tagged (either with an "age-range=a..b" or with
"age_start=a" and "age_end=b"), and document that "amenity=kindergarten"
should be processed as an alias for this.  (I don't *regard* it as an
alias, but I'm happy to *process* it as one. particularly when the age
range is made explicit separately.)  This avoids using different words for
age ranges, that might be interpreted differently in different places /
cultures; and also avoids multiple-valued tags for facilities which cover
what someone regards as several named age ranges.

Apart from that, I'd generally go along with the proposals in
particularly "pedagogy=" as I'm sure adherents of a particular system (e.g.
Montessori) will be looking for that information.

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